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​It’s no secret that Houston is one of the top contenders in terms of influence in Southern hip hop culture. The city, much like Atlanta, Georgia, has become a sort of Mecca that artists travel to in order to learn, grow, and network to increase their chance for success. However, this was not always the case. While hip-hop has always been an integral part of Houston’s culture, it was not nationally recognized until the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

The Screwed Up Click, a rap collective renowned for their slowed down tempo and lazy cadence, began to work with Wreckshop Nation, then known as Wreckshop Records, during this time period. One of the most prominent artists in the collective was Big Moe, a rapper whose unique sound and talent caused him to transcend stardom and become immortalized as a rap legend in the city’s history. Big Moe’s single “Purple Stuff,” released in 2002, became a nationally-acclaimed single that helped establish Houston as a hub for Southern hip-hop.

In October of 2007, Big Moe died of a heart attack, leaving behind a void in the Houston hip hop community that has never quite been filled.

The gathering endearingly named the 1st Annual Big Moe Birthday Block Party, is set to take place on Sunday, August 20th from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. CDT. It will be held at Screwston Records, which is located at 2122 Center Street Houston, TX 77007. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has declared this date to be known as “Big Moe Day.”

With a simple RSVP at, attendees can enter the event free of charge. Donations, however, are always appreciated.

The event is set to feature local talent, including artists XO, Propain, GT Garza, T-Wayne, Deadend Redd, Kat St. John, OSE, Quinn, Mr. Wired Up, and Big Baby Flava. Special guests from the legendary Screwed Up Click will also be present, providing those who attend the unique opportunity to enjoy a performance from some of the individuals who were at the beginning of Houston hip hop’s rise to fame.

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The term “purple stuff” in itself refers to the consumption of codeine-laced cough syrup, specifically out of a white Styrofoam cup. This trend was suddenly transformed from a local custom into something mimicked throughout various regions in the country and is something that still continues today. In fact, many contemporary rappers, such as A$AP ROCKY, Young Thug, and Future, all reference ingesting copious amounts of cough syrup mixed with codeine, a process colloquially known as “drinking lean.”

Big Moe’s influence has only grown stronger over time, and his influence on Southern hip-hop culture is blatantly obvious when examining the lyrics of rappers over the past two decades.

Although Big Moe may no longer be able to make music of his own, he has sparked the voracious desire to create and succeed in countless artists across the entire country, something that very few individuals can claim to be responsible for.

August 20th will serve to be a day of both laughter and tears, but more importantly an appreciation for the music that serves as the unifying tether for those in Houston’s community.

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