Dirty 3rd: Next Generation

A journey from rags to riches along the 3rd coast!  

The main character, “Street,” (Derrick “Dreck” Dixon) from the original film, has stepped up his game and finally graduated from street-level hustling. It has always been his quest to find his way from the streets and become a legitimate businessman. This has finally become his reality, and he is in a safe place while living in peace. That is until a close friend, “Sonny Bobo” (Darryl “Dgotti” Monroe), returns home from a long stint in prison. This, in addition to his grandson, “Zaire” (Dakarai Henderson), who has been estranged for many years, re-emerges in his life. Unbeknownst to Street, he is no longer a wide-eyed innocent kid. These two loved ones bring new drama and new challenges for Street.

Sonny Bobo returns home to a world that has no place for him. The streets have moved on, and his position has been filled by a younger guy. It will take all of God’s blessings for him to redefine himself before self-destruction. While this is taking place, Zaire is a hungry, ambitious young man who wants to make his own way. The problem is he still has a lot of growing and learning he must acquire: before he could ever master the treacherous streets of Houston. Street is forced to love him from a distance. Street juggles being lawful but is always haunted by his corrupt past. 

Two storylines connect when the antagonist, “Quick” (Christopher “Propain” Dudley), a young dark-hearted but ambitious kid, soon becomes Zaire’s archrival. Their rivalry will take you on a journey through the streets of jealousy, greed, murder, and redemption. 

There is a racial injustice that takes place in the storyline mirroring real-life inequalities blacks face daily. This scene is heart-wrenching. The Dirty 3rd: “Next Generation” is packed with well-known actors, comedians, musical artists, and high drama scenes and is set in the fourth largest city in the U.S. 

The question is will Sunny Bobo find his place in the world that has moved on and key players in the game have changed? We will rise as a victor or the loser between Zaire and Quick? Are men innately good or evil? We answer these questions with a clever storyline that can never be figured out until you watch The Dirty 3rd: “Next Generation.” 

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