Big Moe 4 Ever [Official Documentary]

Big Moe is more than a legend, he is an icon.

His legacy is a pillar of southern rap/hip-hop and his influence has spread globally in hip-hop and pop culture both within the music and on the streets. Kenneth Doniell Moore, better known by his stage name Big Moe, was a rap-singer from Houston, Texas.

Big Moe’s music is very unique, blending southern rap with soulful melodies that made his voice recognizable and loved by people all across the world. Kenneth, as remembered by childhood friends and family always had a passion for singing, entertaining and aspiring to make a living from his voice.

As one of the original members of the “Screwed Up Click,” Big Moe was a frequent voice on Dj Screw’s mixtapes providing soulful hooks often with lyrics made up on the spot. Big Moe was the catalyst for one of Screw’s most famous tapes, June 27th and collaborated with other H-Town legends such as Fat Pat, Lil Keke, Big Pokey, H.A.W.K. In 2000, Big Moe signed a recording contract with Wreckshop Records and released his debut album, City of Syrup in (2000); which included the hit singles, Barre Baby and Mann!. A year and half later, Moe returned with his second album, Purple World in (2002), the album ranked as high as No. 3 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart thanks to the success of one of Moe’s most successful songs, “Purple Stuff”.

Big Moe’s third and last album, Moe Life, was issued in 2003, including the commercially successful single “Just a Dog. After suffering from a severe heart attack, Big Moe passed away in 2007 leaving behind his beloved brother, K-Love and Mama Moe. Big Moe was a “Southside living legend” throughout his career, and now through his influence, his music and the love from his fans, Big Moe will 4 Ever be an icon.

Executive Producer: Mama Moe

Producer: Derrick “D-Reck” Dixon

Director: LuxTheCreator

Creative Director: Dirty Dolla

Content Consultant: Albert Hughes

Research and Discovery: Emerson Geter

Featured Artists: Lil Keke, Z-Ro, Mike D, Big Pokey, Lil O, Bird, Noke D, D-Gotti, Tyte Eyez, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Doughbeezy, DJ XO, Propain, GT Garza, Biggs, Undergravity

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