Happy Birthday D Reck!!

Happy Birthday to Bossman Derrick Dreck Dixon

Dirty 3rd: Next Generation

A journey from rags to riches along the 3rd coast!   The main character, “Street,” (Derrick “Dreck” Dixon) from the original film, has stepped up his game and finally graduated from street-level hustling. It has always been his quest to find his way from the streets and become a legitimate businessman. This has finally become his…

D-Reck of Wreckshop records on Starting his label, The Dirty 3rd movies, &more (Full Interview)

Here’s a FBF Full Interview of D-Reck. Be sure to check out this in-depth interview with Wreckshop CEO D-reck.  And check out the new Dirty 3rd movie The dirty 3rd Next Generation.

Bar Yar Yar (I Like Barre Baby) by Big Moe ft Yella Beezy & D-Gotti Monroe

Bar Yar Yar (I Like Barre Baby) by Big Moe features Yella Beezy & D-Gotti and is the 1st single to be released from the highly anticipated EP titled Big Moe-tivation from the late Big Moe brought to you by the legendary Wreckshop Records. Bar Yar Yar gives listeners nostalgic and timeless Houston, TX sounds…

D Reck talks about wanting to sign Lil Keke and Fat Pat to Wreckshop + more

In this clip, Derrick “D Reck” Dixon talks about initially wanting to sign Lil Keke and Fat Pat to his Wreckshop label and more.

Big Moe feat. Big Pokey and ESG – Mann!

Originally released in 2000 as a single off of Big Moe’s first solo album (City of Syrup) and produced by Noke-D, Maan! has become a “southern classic” and a cornerstone of the southern hip hop/ Screwed Up movement of the late 90’s and early 2000’s Big Moe’s official music video for “Maan!”. Click to listen…

Fat Pat – Tops Drop

“Tops Drop” [Fat Pat:] Welcome to the land, where it just don’t stop Trunks pop tops drop, see and the front end hop Paint flop screens on, acting bad in the zone Yeah it’s on riding chrome, balling at my home Texas plates don’t hate, showing up in the state Can’t wait get it straight,…

Big Moe 4 Ever [Official Documentary]

Big Moe is more than a legend, he is an icon. His legacy is a pillar of southern rap/hip-hop and his influence has spread globally in hip-hop and pop culture both within the music and on the streets. Kenneth Doniell Moore, better known by his stage name Big Moe, was a rap-singer from Houston, Texas….

Fat Pat – GHETTO DREAMS The Documentary

Wreckshop Records brings you the rap artist that started it all… Fat Pat remains a large and almost mythical figure in Houston hip hop and will forever be remembered as the first artist to release an album on Wreckshop Records. Originally Released in 1999, Fat Pat Ghetto Dreams is a documentary style tribute showcasing the…

The Wreckshop Family Talks About The Label, Fat Pat, ESG, Big Moe + More

 The Wreckshop Family talks to Donnie Houston about how the label was created and how they created a lot of the classic albums. In the interview, D Reck breaks down how each member of the family came into the fold and the important roles everyone played in the success of the label.

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