Kenneth Doniell Moore better known by his stage name Big Moe, was a southern rapper from Houston, Texas. Moe music was very unique ,blending southern rap with screw sound melodies that quickly put the south on the map.

As one of the founding members of the “Original Screwed Up Click,” Big Moe started out in music by free styling on Dj Screw mixtapes before being signed to Wreckshop Records.

Moe had a leadership presence that captured crowds attention when he picked up the mic, as soon as hit songs like Barre Baby or Mann would come on the place would turn into a party for the south, with the crowd singing and rapping word for word, all while being independent signed to wreckshop.

Wreckshop Records released Big Moe’s debut album, City of Syrup in (2000); that title tied a nod to Houston’s reputation for drinking codeine syrup, which Moe pours from a Styrofoam cup on the album’s cover.

A year and half later, Moe returned with his second album, Purple World in (2002) the album ranked as high as No. 3 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Big Moe’s third and last album, Moe Life, was issued in 2003, including the commercially successful single “Just a Dog.

It didn’t take moe to pass away to become a icon for the south, he was already recognized as a Southside living legend throughout his career, and if you ever come to Houston and ask who started the drank movement ,moe was the answer.

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