Today marks the 15 year anniversary that Robert Davis Jr. a/k/a DJ Screw passed away. He was only 29 at the time of his death. DJ Screw is the creator of the Chopped & Screwed DJ technique and recognized as one the most important figures in Southern Hip-Hop history.

He was widely known for his “Screw Tapes” that were mainly sold out of his house. The tapes featured members of the Screwed Up Click which launched the careers of Lil Keke, Fat Pat, Big Moe, Botany Boyz, Big Pokey, Lil O, Z-Ro, Lil Flip & Big Hawk.

Check out a CLASSIC interview with Big Hawk (RIP), Al-D, and DJ Screw [RIP].

Check out this interview with Lil Keke, Big Hawk, Lil O, & Z-Ro as they talk about DJ Screw’s lasting legacy.

Check out some of our favorite screwed up songs!


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